A revolution for creators and owners

While technology and social media have revolutionised the consumption and distribution of music and sound, creators and rights holders have been unable to precisely understand, track and control use of their work.

Until now… 

By providing the next generation of audio recognition technology, SonicData enables creators to maximise their revenues for all use of their content.

Our technology is designed to work in real-time and in any streaming environment. It makes every recording, stream, download or distributed copy unique to the user.

Using patented technology, alongside an entirely new, multiple identification and monitoring strategy, we can encode at any point in the sound’s journey.

SonicProfile, the world’s most powerful music and content identification solution.

SonicProfile is…

  • Agile: 100 percent accurate across all broadcasting platforms
  • Performant: the only platform that will encode and understand in real-time across any platform
  • Efficient: significantly cheaper and more advanced than any other tracking technology
  • Unique: makes every distributed version of any content unique to the user at the point of access
  • Future proofing: protects audio from the highest level of sound manipulation
  • The future: works with all audio content related to music, podcasts, TV, social media, advertising, gaming, NFTs, and so much more…

MetaData – SonicData enables the power of clean and accurate MetaData matched to a unique piece of sound.

SonicData removes the current reliance on inconsistent MetaData. It allows the rights holder to create, manage and share their MetaData as they please. Content use is then tracked against accurate single version of the truth (SVOT) MetaData.  Thanks to SonicAI, our metadata management and tracking system, all metadata related to a track is in line with the rights holder’s information.

All data feeds into the SonicDashboard, a live portal enabling real-time data gathering, reporting and analytics.

SonicData’s platform enables automated, real-time reporting and royalty calculation and distribution.  With SonicData, millions of tracks, and megabytes of content, can be encoded with SonicKey™ in just hours.

Play back, performance, broadcast, streaming and social media can now be tracked with 100 percent accuracy across all territories and platforms, in real-time, 24 hours a day. 



  • Effective: adapts to any time stretching, shrinking, and pitch shifting
  • Robust: extensively tested with file format conversion and post-production
  • Detailed: can read and report use of stems in music
  • Adaptable: to Digital to Analogue to Digital conversion
  • Trackable: with additional mixed audio, voice overs, and sound effects
  • Compatible: with over 80 industry audio and video file formats, as well as audio in mono and stereo.