Rights holders and artists are losing money each and every year.

Current audio identification technologies and systems are based on older technology and are not 100 percent accurate. On global music sales millions are left unreported and untraceable because of inaccurate identification technology, poor reporting and inaccurate MetaData.

With the SonicKey™ reporting and understanding of all music use knows no boundaries. The SonicKey™ can deliver and enable reporting and data across all platforms with total accuracy, including broadcast, social media, sync, advertising, TV, film and – with SonicVenue – all in venue use. With a unique SonicKey each piece of music can also be tracked and reported against single version of the truth (SVOT) MetaData.

In addition, SonicData’s platform also uses fingerprinting, employing sophisticated machine learning to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. 

Play back, Performance, Broadcast, Streaming and Social Media

Play back, performance, broadcast, streaming and social media can now be tracked with 100 percent accuracy across all territories and all broadcast platforms in realtime, 24 hours a day. 

The SonicData platform delivers a unique encoded SonicKey™ in to a song, sound track, musical piece or any content with sound making performance and playback tracking 100 percent accurate. Each SonicKey™ is unique and encoded at master or point of delivery.

100 per cent accurate from the very first time. 

A SonicKey™ is 100 percent accurate from the first playback. Machine Learning and AI are never 100 percent accurate. Playback and royalties should be identified on all music and audio for every play from the first play, accurately to each version, edit, mix, cut, stream or broadcast. 

Each SonicKey™ is unique and encoded at master or at the point of delivery. Try SonicKeyTM

  • 100 percent accurate
  • Any content with sound
  • Easily trackable even with mixed audio tracks
  • Multiple SonicKey™insertion points in an audio track 

  • Scaleable Cloud based solution
  • Master encoding at all sample rates up to and including 192kHz
  • Detectable within five seconds  

Existing platforms are expensive and slow.

A SonicKey™ is trackable within five seconds of playback.

Playback is 100 percent accurate. Performance, use, playback, broadcast in any form can be tracked and monetised.

SonicData can store any metadata alongside ISRC and ISWC codes. Automatically. 

SonicData’s technology allows the creation of automated realtime reporting, faster money collection and stream lining of the value chain.  With SonicData millions of tracks and millions of megabytes of content can be encoded with a SonicKey™ in just hours.

A SonicKey™ delivers:

  • 100 percent accurate tracking and monitoring across broadcast and the internet.
  • It can create automated royalty reporting.
  • Accuracy will increase royalties to artist and rights holder.
  • Realtime reporting enables faster money collection and distribution to artist and rights holder.
  • Compatible with over 80 global audio and video file formats.
  • Manage TV, radio, broadcast, streaming, social media use, playback, sharing.
  • Scaleable Cloud based solution.
  • Manage and track the use of any audio track, cut, edit, version or performance across social media.
  • Master encoding at all sample rates up to and including 192kHz. 
  • Encode a 50MB song in 300 milliseconds.
  • At scale encode millions of tracks or videos in just hours 
  • Multiple SonicKey™insertion points in an audio track.
  • Readable within five seconds.
  • Easily trackable even with mixed audio tracks.
  • No file size limit.
  • Extensively tested with DA/AD conversion, file format conversion and post production processes.
  • Trackable even with voice over.
  • Customisable SonicKey™ settings depending on application.

Sonic sectors

Encode. Decode. Track. Identify. 

The SonicData platform delivers a scaleable solution for any content with sound to be encoded, decoded, tracked and identified anywhere in the world. On any platform. SonicData’s Patented technology makes all media and content intelligent and secure, creating multiple applications and allowing effective tracking and monetisation.

Music. Film. Television. OTT Services. Video. Social. Voice. News. Games.

Any content with sound is now uniquely identifiable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, any edit, cut, language, version or distributed copy.