SonicKey™ is SonicData’s unique new technology platform for music, social media, advertising, TV, games and film.  Any content with sound is now uniquely identifiable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, stream, edit, cut, language, performance or distributed copy, across all platforms.

SonicData provides a range of agile detection solutions from broadcast to streaming and social media to in-venue use.

Rights holders using current fingerprinting technology are unable to identify every broadcast play with 100 percent accuracy, an issue that is amplified by streaming, social media and video sharing sites.

Play back, Performance, Broadcast, Streaming and Social Media

Play back, performance, broadcast, streaming and social media can now be tracked with 100 percent accuracy across all territories and all broadcast platforms in realtime, 24 hours a day. 

The SonicData platform delivers a unique encoded SonicKey™ in to a song, sound track, musical piece or any content with sound making 100 percent accurate performance and playback tracking possible.  Each SonicKey™ is unique and encoded at master or point of delivery.

SonicKeyTM features:

  • 100 percent accurate tracking across all broadcast and the internet.
  • SonicKeys readable within five seconds.
  • 100 percent accuracy will increase royalties to artists and rights holders.
  • Encode at Master at up to 192 kHz and at point of distribution and streaming.
  • At scale encode millions of tracks or videos in just hours.
  • Easily trackable even with mixed audio tracks and voice over.
Sonic sectors

Encode. Decode. Track. Identify.

The SonicData platform delivers a scaleable solution for any content with sound to be encoded, decoded, tracked and identified anywhere in the world. On any platform. SonicData’s patented technology makes all media and content intelligent and secure, creating multiple applications and allowing effective tracking and monetisation.

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