For music, video games, NFTs, the MetaVerse, and beyond. 

Real time identification
and reporting.

By making sound recognisable, we enable artists, creators and rights holders to protect and track all use of their music or sound across all broadcasting platforms. Your data is reported in real-time and distributable to all.

Complete accuracy and transparency for all.

Any content with sound is uniquely identifiable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, stream, broadcast, edit, language, performance, download, or distributed copy.

Music. Film. TV. Games. NFTs. MetaVerse.

SonicData revolutionises the understanding of audio content use with live data collection and reporting.  

Our technology makes every stream unique and encodes in real-time on all streaming platforms.

Sonic sectors

SonicProfile, the world’s most powerful audio recognition technology, includes SonicKey™, SonicID, SonicStem and SonicLyric technology…

SonicProfile features:

  • Makes any audio content individually unique and trackable on any platform
  • Accurate on all platforms, anytime, anywhere
  • Identifiable within seconds
  • Works in streaming environment
  • Trackable with additional mixed audio, voice over and sound effects
  • Tracks and reports use of stems
  • Works with time stretching and shrinking
  • Works with pitch shifting

By making sound intelligent, today’s rights holders can understand, track and collect data for all use of their content. SonicData enables real-time identification and reporting for broadcast, social media and video sharing sites.

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