We put accurate MetaData in the hands of the rights holder. 

SonicData removes the current reliance on inconsistent MetaData. Our platform allows the rights holder to create, manage and share MetaData as they please. The use of their content is then tracked against accurate single version of the truth (SVOT) MetaData and verified by SonicAI, our Metadata management and tracking system.

SonicData unlocks rich data for informed commercial and strategic decision making. All data feeds into the SonicDashboard, a live data portal enabling real-time data gathering, reporting and analytics.

SonicDashboard can be shared and integrated into a partner’s systems. As a technology company, SonicData can seamlessly integrate into any royalty and content distribution and creation platform, including collection societies and performance rights organisations (PRO), so they can more efficiently report worldwide music and audio content use.

For the rights holder, SonicDashboard enables distributable reporting that can be used to fact-check their royalty statements. Learn More.