100 percent accurate MetaData in the hands of the rights holder. 

No one takes their MetaData more seriously than the rights holder. This is why our approach is to allow the rights holder to ensure that their MetaData is linked to the SonicKey when it is encoded. This is done at the same time and in parallel to encoding the SonicKey as part of the customer process.

This unique approach ensures that the royalty system will feedback payments directly to the right people.

Once MetaData is aligned to a SonicKey it will ensure the correct path for royalty payments. Every time.

Using the free SonicKey, SonicData is empowering every creator and rights holder to ensure the accuracy of their MetaData. Existing identification technology has zero visibility with rights holders and artists. An artist or rights holder using finger printing has to hope that their tracks or content has been correctly identified and/or fingerprinted.

This open source approach to MetaData management with the rights holder in full control, ensuring full access and visibility is an important part of SonicKey’s transparency and empowerment. 

Understanding and tracking usage accurately is core to the SonicData platform.  Try SonicKeyTM

SonicData’s technology allows the creation of automated realtime reporting, faster money collection and streamlining of the value chain. With SonicData millions of tracks and millions of megabytes of content can be encoded with a SonicKey™ in just hours.