The SonicPortal will allow you to encode and decode SonicKeys.

There are two ways of accessing the Portal, either via Try SonicKey registration process on the website, or by using the User Account Details that have been provided by SonicData.

For Partners encoding with the Mac or Windows LibraryEncoder, SonicKeys can be decoded through the SonicPortal. 

Once the SonicPortal is launched, the user is presented with the login screen shown below. Use your Account User Details to login to the Portal. 

* At any point our Support Team can be reached at

SonicPortal Log In

SonicPortal Overview

The SonicPortal delivers multiple services.

  • It will allow you to Encode and Decode SonicKeys.
  • It provides a listing of all your SonicKey information and MetaData.
  • The Monitor feature enables you to view SonicKey Plays in real-time.
  • Upload of a SonicKey encoded audio file and reading of MetaData associated with that SonicKey.
  • The SonicDashboard gives a holistic view of various played usage statistics.
  • You can start, stop, delete and add audio streams and drill down to detail on the broadcast stream detected.

Adding a Licence

Once in the Portal the first thing you need to do is add a SonicKey Licence to your account. Click the “Licences” section the Menu.

Click the “Add Licence” Button and copy and paste the Licence Code, which you have been provided with. Then click “Add Licence”.

You should now see something similar to the screen like this one below. This confirms you have added your SonicKey Licence

Adding a Licence

Once complete you are now ready and set up to start encoding and decoding audio using SonicKeys.

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