Speed. Accuracy. Assurance.

SonicData is a complex algorithm but a lightweight process. Consequently it is also ideal for streaming services. 

The encode and decode speed enables multiple applications. A 50MB file can be encoded in less than 300 milliseconds, delivering realtime encoding of live streams. At scale SonicData can encode millions of tracks in just hours. 

SonicData searches ahead for predictable insertion points and adds the SonicKey™ in a melodically sympathetic way. In this way, the code inserted is undetectable and inseparable from the audio.

The SonicData technology adjusts itself to be in the musical/audio frequency/pitch or harmony with the actual audio in which it is being embedded. The ID is part of the underlying audio of the media, not just the file layer. In Tests Sonic Keys could be encoded and decoded in audio and video across all commercial file conversions, compression and duplication. 

SonicKey™ can use any centralised database recording any specified or shared information, including playback events and content information, relational information and data.  Try SonicKeyTM

This allows for highly interactive data gathering, reporting and usage without impinging on the user experience. The application of the technology is highly distributable and thus endlessly scaleable allowing for a vast number of transactions and events to be recorded and analysed.