SonicProfile – Better. Faster. More Agile.

SonicData is the world’s first diversified track, trace and report platform. We use multiple technologies to identify and track sound across all platforms. 

SonicData’s suite of solutions combines:

  • SonicKey, its patented watermarking technology
  • SonicID, its state of the art fingerprinting technology
  • SonicStem, its stem identification and tracking technology
  • SonicLyric, its lyric recognition technology
  • SonicAI, its MetaData management and tracking technology

All data received feeds into SonicDashboard, a live portal enabling real-time data gathering, reporting and analytics.

SonicDashboard can be shared and integrated into a partner’s systems. We create bespoke solutions for our users and deliver standalone licences for any creator and owner to use.

It is designed to empower creators, artists and right owners across all creative and commercial sectors.

Our platform enables real-time identification and reporting for broadcast radio, TV, advertising, and social media. Learn more.

SonicProfile features:

  • 100 percent accurate tracking across all broadcasting platforms
  • Future proof all sound, music (old and new), stems, lyrics and NFTs
  • Ethical, fair and sustainable audio tracking technology
  • Clean and understandable MetaData management
  • Automatic distribution of reports
  • Efficient royalty calculation and distribution
  • Encode millions of tracks or videos in just hours
  • Compatible with over 80 global audio and video file formats
  • Master encoding at all sample rates up to 96 kHz
  • Extensively tested with DA/AD conversion, file format conversion and post production processes
  • Trackable with additional mixed audio, voice over and sound effects
  • No file size limit and customisable SonicKey™ settings depending on application

SonicProfile explained:

SonicKey is an algorithm that adapts to any sound, identifying and understanding its frequency and harmony. It can be encoded at any point in the audio’s journey and is unique to any version, distribution point or user. The SonicKey is Patent Approved in the US, UK, and Europe; it is Patent Pending in China.

SonicID. SonicData’s audio pattern recognition technology is based on machine learning and is an advanced version of today’s fingerprinting technology.

SonicStem. By breaking down a piece of music into stems, our platform offers a significant development for creators and rights holders in understanding how their work is being used, shared or manipulated.

SonicLyric. This provides the final layer of identity tracking and ensures we are able to understand lyric use as part of the tracking and identity solution.

The SonicDashboard tracks and manages all data. It enables encoding of sound, management of MetaData, tracking and reporting across multiple platforms and sources. It also allows the rights holder to manage a hierarchy of data while ensuring that their royalties are recognised. Currently, SonicDashboard can track content use for up to 60,000 radio stations, three million podcasts and all major TV channels in Europe and North America.