100 percent accurate global Play tracking and Data tracking. Live data, faster reporting, better decisions. 

We know that watermarking music has significant benefits over fingerprinting. Through direct integration with your accounting and royalty system it now enables the Collection Agency to deliver 100 percent accurate global Play tracking, automated Royalty reporting, real time live tracking and data collection for your members.

Worldwide live monitoring of all plays and music use enables the Collection Agency to report royalties by the minute. Live realtime monitoring and reporting can be co-monitored with associate Collection Agencies across key territories, providing realtime data and analytics.

Technology exists for Collection Agencies to deliver speed and efficiencies to their service. SonicKey reduces costs and time by delivering reporting directly to the Collection Agency, enabling more funds to be paid to members and rights holders faster and more accurately. 

We know that technology has changed the music industry; it has changed consumption habits and the availability of music. Existing fingerprinting technology has been acceptable to the industry for over 20 years, but watermarking can improve the speed and efficiency, and allow cost savings that these existing older technologies will never achieve because of the way they work.

A digital system based on tracking a SonicKey directly through the Sonic StreamReader changes the model for Collection Agencies; short cuts and efficiencies allow transition to an automated model. With friction-free integration into the Collection Agency’s accounting and royalty system, significant efficiency is created, enabling a return of more value to members and rights holders.

The cost and ease of use also now enables the Collection Agency to undertake its own monitoring, achieving greater value through accuracy and reporting with its own Single Version of the Truth (SVOT) MetaData. Tracking is digital, live and direct to the Collection Agency.

Accurate realtime multi-territory tracking of plays and realtime data can be seamlessly integrated into your systems.

SonicData provides Tools to monitor members’ music worldwide. SonicData can deliver Sonic StreamReader licences to associate Collection Agencies around the world to record all plays in their territories. Data is collected in realtime by the Collection Agency and the associate at the same time. 

This eliminates errors as the associate is only detecting SonicKeys (See SonicData paper – Single Version of the Truth [SVOT] MetaData).

It reduces costs and time and delivers increased speed of reporting, significant efficiencies and faster payment to members and rights holders.

SonicKeys are tracked and logged 24/7, ensuring both the Collection Agency and its network of associates have up to the minute accurate data of plays within any territory. This could provide the Collection Agency’s members with live data on their repertoire. 

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