The SonicApp allows you to test read and encode SonicKeys. It will detect the SonicKeys you encode, along with those in the RadioSonic test demo. SonicKeys encoded using the SonicPortal can also be read by the SonicApp.  

Get the SonicApp

We have created the RadioSonic test broadcast in order that you can use the SonicApp to read SonicKeys encoded into a myriad of different broadcast scenarios. Once the SonicApp is installed you will be able to demo test read SonicKeys with RadioSonic in a number of different ways. 

Directly via your smartphone’s microphone.

Open the App on your smartphone and follow the instructions. 

On your computer visit the RadioSonic web page sonicdata.com/radiosonic (encoded test broadcast). Ensure your speakers are loud enough for the audio to be clearly heard. On your computer, press play on RadioSonic.

The recording is 93 seconds. You will then see SonicKeys along with MetaData linked to RadioSonic.


Directly through the URL.

Open the App on your smartphone. Open the ‘Import’ menu in the top right corner of your screen. Select ‘From URL’.  You will then see “Download & D…”. Press this. This will import the RadioSonic broadcast directly in to your smartphone and it will immediately start detecting SonicKeys linked to RadioSonic. 

You can also use this to point at any of your own URLs that have SonicKey encoded audio.

Directly from your smartphone (RadioSonic is auto-installed).

Open the App on your smartphone. Open the ‘Import’ menu in the top right corner of your screen. Select ‘From Device’.  You will then see ‘Audio Files’ and underneath this the ‘RADIO SONIC’ file. Tap on the file and the SonicApp will start detecting SonicKeys. 

This will also work if you are sent a SonicKey encoded file.

You can also Encode and share your own audio with a SonicKey.

Do you need help?

You can also test SonicKey via the SonicPortal. If you want to test complete tracks, we can supply access to the SonicPortal. Register for SonicPortal access here https://sonicdata.com/try-sonic-key. You can also email help@sonicdata.com