How SonicKeyTM works

Encode. Decode. Track. Identify. 

SonicData’s patented AI algorithm adapts to any given sound, identifying and understanding its frequency and harmony. This means that SonicKey™ becomes an unnoticeable, inaudible and inseparable part of the underlying sound.  

SonicData’s platform searches ahead for insertion points in the sound, adding SonicKey™ into the frequency so that it is melodically sympathetic.

SonicKey™ can be encoded to any sound, at any point in its journey. It is fast, performant and makes all audio content unique to any version, distribution point or user.

SonicKey™ is designed to work in all environments including streaming. Any stream or broadcast can have its own SonicKey™. In music, SonicKey™ can automatically read ISRC and ISWC codes in order to preserve and support the original tracking technology being used.

SonicKey™ is relevant to all broadcast tracking and usage reporting including music, podcasts, TV, advertising, games, sports, news, voice, live performance and beyond…

SonicKey™ is the most ethical and sustainable audio tracking technology. It uses a fraction of the energy needed to store and process data related to traditional fingerprinting. This allows our users to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

The technology’s application is highly distributable and endlessly scaleable, allowing for a vast number of transactions and events to be recorded and analysed.

SonicKeys are untraceable to anyone without a SonicData StreamReader.