Music & Streaming

SonicData enables the protection and tracking of all new and existing music and sound across all broadcasting platforms. We’re providing a solution that allows all artists and rights holders to extract the true value of their music usage.

Gaming & Metaverse

SonicData enables the watermarking and tracking of all sound being used or purchased in video games. By 2023, in-game purchases will make up 77% of the gaming industry’s total value. This reflects a revenue stream of around $200 billion.


SonicKey provides the link between music and NFTs. SonicKey can make any version of any song or music event into an auctionable item. Any sound can now be created as an NFT, including: exclusive versions, mixes or edits of a song; entire live performances or parts of them; interviews and so much more.


SonicData enables real-time tracking and reporting of your music use across all major TV channels in Europe and North America. Know exactly when and where your song or audio content is played on TV.


SonicData enables global advertisers and media companies to track and report broadcast media in real-time. Monitor all advertising across every market, identifying spots, times, durations, media and treatments.

Sports Rights

SonicData enables sports rights owners to monitor their content and understand its usage. SonicKey can make individual streams identifiable and trackable, including: live sports events, interviews, and much more.