For music, video games, NFTs, the MetaVerse, and beyond. 

Real-time identification
and reporting.

Your data is reported in real-time and distributable to all. We enable creators and rights holders to protect their craft and track its usage across all broadcasting platforms.

Complete accuracy and transparency for all.

Any content with sound is uniquely identifiable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, stream, broadcast, performance, or distributed copy.

Next generation of audio recognition technology.

Our technology is the most affordable, ethical, and sustainable solution on the market. It is designed to help creators and owners maximise the value of their content.

We deliver global radio monitoring that is 4x more affordable than the cheapest existing alternative.


Sonic sectors

SonicProfile, the world’s most powerful audio recognition technology, includes SonicKey™, SonicID, SonicStem and SonicLyric

SonicProfile features:

  • Makes any audio content uniquely identifiable
  • Works with all sound including lyrics and stems
  • Tracks content use on all platforms in real-time
  • Identifiable within seconds
  • Suits any environment including streaming
  • Provides rich data and reporting in real-time
  • Next generation of audio recognition technology
  • Survives the highest level of sound manipulation
  • A fraction of the (environmental) cost of existing technology

Maximising the value of content with the world’s first diversified identification, tracking, and reporting platform for sound.

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