SonicData provides advanced analytics to help you make more informed decisions.

Tracking content use and royalties is only part of the SonicData platform.

The challenges of analysing data is supported by the addition of an intelligent SonicKey. It ensures a guaranteed link between the sound, its MetaData, the customer and delivery mechanism. It works with all delivered, streamed, and shared content across all platforms, applications and sectors.

This makes it a powerful tool for multi-disciplinary use supported by advanced analytics.

Accessing accurate, high quality data is essential for all rights holders. Real-time data can power a business and empower an artist and creator. It enables more informed decision making, planning and strategy.

SonicData provides a view into the use of content for any rights holder. This offers an essential tool in marketing, consumer analytics and operations. In music, this can enable better decision making across distribution, marketing, and touring.

SonicData allows rights holders to aggregate all usage data to SonicDashboard, its central system that funnels all content use into a single platform that is understandable to all.

SonicData’s platform delivers real-time data that enables rich analytics, insight and reporting.