SonicData was today confirmed as one of Creative Industries Council UK’s Ones To Watch 2021. The CreaTech initiative is a showcase of 100 outstanding UK CreaTech businesses working at the intersection of creativity and technology.

SonicData’s place was confirmed by UK Minister for Digital and Culture Caroline Dineage.  Welcoming the 2021 CreaTech Ones to Watch list, Dineage said: “Our creative industries are an economic powerhouse and it’s no surprise that the 2021 Ones to Watch list includes 100 businesses with big ambitions. Creative technology has transformed our lives, it was central to keeping us entertained during the pandemic, and will be at the heart of our recovery as we build back better.”

SonicKey™ enables all music in the world to be identifiable, referenceable and trackable with 100% accuracy.

The ‘Ones to Watch’ list is published annually by the Creative Industries Council (CIC), with support from Digital Catapult, Facebook, Moore Kingston Smith and UKRI (AHRC) to highlight such breakthrough CreaTech businesses from across the UK. The list was selected by a panel of industry leaders, funding bodies, and experts.

Dr Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology, and Chair of the CIC R&D and Innovation working group, said: “The coming together of the creative industries with the technology sector has enormous potential for the UK economy, as demonstrated by the amazing line-up of innovative businesses in the ‘Ones to Watch’ list, and there’s still lots more to come.

“The UK is a global creative industries super power. So we’re well placed to build on that and develop new ways to boost collaboration between academia and industry.

The nascent CreaTech space has been praised by the UK government, industry and venture capitalists for its potential to generate new sources of revenue, employment, and cultural value. Venture Capital (VC) funding in UK CreaTech is forecast to rise by 25% to a record £1.2bn by 2022, according to The Tech Nation CreaTech Report 2021. By this assessment, CreaTech and ClimateTech are two of the fastest-growing areas of VC tech investment in the UK.

SonicData Chairman Kelly Sumner said: “This is tremendous news for SonicData and is recognition of the work we have been doing to ensure that all creative industries across the world are empowered by the SonicKey.  Any content with sound is now uniquely identifiable with 100 per cent accuracy to any version, stream, edit, cut, language, performance or distributed copy. This means that all rights owners, artists and creators can benefit from transparency, payment for every play and 100 per cent accurate data about their content’s use on all platforms.”

SonicKey™ enables all audio in the world to be identifiable, referenceable and trackable. SonicKey can be easily integrated in to both software and hardware. It has multiple commercial applications in music, social media, advertising, TV, streaming platforms, games, voice and news across all platforms, media and devices.

For music a digital system based on tracking a SonicKey directly through the Sonic StreamReader changes the model for rights holders and artists, enabling efficiencies and a transition to automated collection. SonicData’s platform enables every piece of music to be uniquely tracked, reported and monetised on any platform against a single version of the truth (SVOT) metadata record, ending the music industry’s decades-long black box problem of the unfair allocation of unidentified royalties.

CreaTech brings together creative skills from industries such as fashion, film, video games, music, design, and advertising with new uses of data, connectivity, and ‘smart’ technology.  It has developed out of the UK’s strength in both digital and creative industries. These industries added, respectively, £150.6bn and £115.9bn of value to the UK economy in 2019, according to the DCMS, which has acknowledged the overlap between these two industries.


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About SonicData and SonicKey
SonicData’s mission is to enable, understand and track all the world’s music and audio content from creation to consumption. SonicData’s patented technology is an algorithm that adapts to any sound, identifying and understanding its frequency and harmony. This means that the SonicKey becomes part of the underlying sound of any music or content in which it is encoded.  It works with any and all sound and is 100 percent accurate with mixed audio and voice over. It can be integrated easily alongside existing technologies currently in use. It is Identifiable within  seconds and is compatible with over 80 industry audio and video file formats. It is extensively tested DA/AD conversion, file format conversion and post production. SonicKey can operate in both hardware and software. The SonicKey enables all music to be uniquely identifiable, referenceable and trackable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, stream, edit, cut, language, performance or distributed copy across broadcast, social media, video sharing and in-venue use. Because it was designed to work with streaming platforms, It is fast and performant and through SonicData’s cloud based solutions can encode millions of songs in just a few hours. 

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