AIM (the Association of Independent Music) today announced a far reaching partnership to enable independent music companies to use the latest SonicKey digital watermark technology, with realtime monitoring, live broadcast and data collection across 500 broadcasters for all new music.

The programme will deliver 100 percent accurate tracking and reporting of all plays across broadcast radio for any AIM member without charge as part of both organisation’s commitment to ‘pay for every play’ for all rights holders and artists.

Partnership will roll out blackbox busting platform – a leap forward for transparency and payment for every play for all rights holders.

Independent music companies will benefit from six months of international tracking and reporting of all music plays.

The initiative will be available to all AIM’s rights holder members in the first instance. Those companies joining the programme will each be allocated Sonic Dashboard licences, allowing realtime access to live data of all radio plays, encoding of all new music with SonicKeys, MetaData set up and integration.

Gee Davy, AIM COO

AIM COO Gee Davy said: “One of AIM’s roles is to find real value and tangible commercial opportunities for the vibrant independent music scene. With SonicKey SonicData has created a platform which makes it incredibly easy for rights holders to monitor real-time broadcast use of
the music they release.

“Accurate broadcast use data available through the dashboard will help AIM members to make time-critical content, marketing and touring decisions. All of it without cost to our members. This is real transparency and empowerment for music rights holders.”

A digital system based on tracking a SonicKey directly through the Sonic StreamReader changes the model, enabling efficiencies and a transition to automated collection. SonicData’s platform enables every piece of music to be uniquely tracked, reported and monetised on any platform against a single version of the truth (SVOT) metadata record, ending the music industry’s decades-long black box problem of the unfair allocation of unidentified royalties.

AIM members will be able to encode and track any music released during the programme. It will also ensure that all AIM members music will be future proofed, ensuring music can be monitored and reported with complete accuracy for use in-venue, across social media and video sharing sites.

Kelly Sumner, Chairman of SonicData

SonicData Chairman Kelly Sumner said: “SonicKey is a step change for music, for every artist and rights holder. The SonicData platform allows collection of up to the minute invaluable data that can enable better planning and better more timely decisions across all areas of a rights holder’s business. Making time critical decisions about an artist for promotion, touring and marketing can be the difference.

“This partnership will enable all AIM members to enjoy the latest SonicKey technology with digital stream reading and a live data dashboard.”

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to deliver this kind of value to the independent music industry. “

The AIM SonicKey Programme becomes available in October 2021. AIM members can encode as much music as required. Live data of plays across 500 European radio stations will commence in the last quarter and run for six months. AIM rights holder members can register for the Programme now through the AIM Opportunities Platform or through

For further information please contact:

Henry Oliver
Communications Coordinator, AIM
Tel: 020 4515 7056

Simon Harvey
Tel: +44 7860 401882

About AIM
AIM is the not-for-profit organisation representing and supporting the UK’s independent music community, which makes up over a quarter of the UK’s recorded music market. Now in its 22nd year, AIM’s members range from the largest, most respected record labels and associated music businesses in the world to DIY or self-releasing artists and the next generation of entrepreneurs in music including: 4AD, Black Acre, CTRL Music, Dirty Hit, Domino Recording Co, Hospital Records, Killing Moon Group, FAMM, Ninja Tune, Numbers, Transgressive, Secretly Canadian, Supernature, Warp, and XL Recordings.

AIM exists to level the playing field for UK independent music businesses – the beating heart of music. No matter their genre, their background, how much money they have, how they identify or their age, AIM provides access to the knowledge and contacts creative entrepreneurs need to create, build and win. AIM supports its members, not only through the difficult times, but also on a day-to-day level with practical support that makes a real difference to their lives and work, helping them take their businesses to the next level.

About SonicData and SonicKey
SonicData’s mission is to enable, understand and track all the world’s music and audio content from creation to consumption. SonicData’s patented technology is an algorithm that adapts to any sound, identifying and understanding its frequency and harmony. This means that the SonicKey becomes part of the underlying sound of any music or content in which it is encoded. It works with any and all sound and is 100 percent accurate with mixed audio and voice over. It can be integrated easily alongside existing technologies currently in use. It is Identifiable within seconds and is compatible with over 80 industry audio and video file formats. It is extensively tested DA/AD conversion, file format conversion and post production. SonicKey can operate in both hardware and software. The SonicKey enables all music to be uniquely identifiable, referenceable and trackable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, stream, edit, cut, language, performance or distributed copy across broadcast, social media, video sharing and in-venue use. Because it was designed to work with streaming platforms, It is fast and performant and through SonicData’s cloud based solutions can encode millions of songs in just a few hours.