It represents a significant opportunity to empower the rights holder and the artist and protect the business owner. The more music the business consumes, the more it pays.

SonicData has developed SonicVenue, a small electronic plug that fits into any wall socket. SonicVenue, detects if music is being played within a space or room. This means that bars, clubs, gyms, hairdressers and retail sites etc will pay for the music that they use.

The technology exists to turn the delivery of music to commercial premises into a utility. Payment would be made on a consumption basis, ensuring that all venues pay for the music that they play.

If the music has the SonicKey, inaudible watermark, the technology can also identify the rights holders.

Using the SonicKey technology means that SonicVenue has none of the privacy issues inherent in existing technology platforms, such as fingerprinting. With SonicVenue the technology is detecting SonicKeys.

Using the SonicKey will deliver significant cost savings as watermarking technology does not require the level of processing and significant movement of large amounts of data inherent within the use of fingerprinting technology.

The SonicVenue device requires far less data movement and processor time, reducing the use and cost footprint.

The SonicVenue device transmits data to the master collection agency, or rights holder as often as required to ensure the efficiency of the system.

A heartbeat feature has been built into the SonicVenue device. This will continually test the device to ensure that it is live. The heartbeat will also ensure the device is connected to Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is absent SonicVenue can log SonicKeys for a prolonged period. SonicKeys are then submitted when Wi-Fi is reconnected.