SonicData was created to bring the latest technology to the music industry. The company has patent approved and patent pending technology based around its SonicKey.

The SonicKey enables all audio in the world to be identifiable, referenceable and trackable.

And at the heart of the SonicData business is an ethos built around the importance of music and the provenance of the sound. Nothing is more important.

SonicData products are:


The base of the technology, an 11-digit free to encode audio watermark that is weaved through any sound. It cannot be heard and is 100 percent detectable using Sonic StreamReaders.

Sonic LibraryEncoder

Works in the Cloud or for Windows and Mac. It allows music to be encoded with SonicKeys; single tracks all the way up to whole catalogues. In volume the Sonic LibraryEncoder can process 50,000+ tracks an hour.

Sonic StreamReader

The StreamReader allows customers and partners to hook onto any digital end point and automatically detect SonicKeys. The StreamReader works with thousands of points at the same time, including broadcast radio, TV and social media. This would allow any agency or rights holder to monitor use of their music. This can be done in real time by the second, country wide or even worldwide. It provides valuable data for royalty reporting and commercial strategy, planning and decision making, including marketing and tours.


SonicSocial works with the StreamReader tracking, controlling and monetising rights on social media and video sharing platforms.


The SonicVenue device fits into any plug socket and detects music played in any venue (bars, clubs, gyms, restaurants, retail etc.). It sends SonicKey information directly to country collection agencies and rights holders. SonicVenue would allow venues to be charged on their music usage, turning music consumption for venues into a utility service, much like electricity and water. If the music has an encoded SonicKey it would enable user-centric royalty payments.


The SonicDashboard is the front end data platform. It delivers a console of live data, streams and real time information, enabling rights holders, artists and collection agencies to monitor all streams.


SonicData has mobile iOS, Android and WebEnabled Apps that allow customers and partners to detect the SonicKey. SonicMobile products allow detection of SonicKeys when played back over any device.

Variable Key Length

The 11-digit SonicKey is free to encode for all rights holders. SonicData is introducing a variety of SonicKey products based around different lengths of alpha-numeric codes. This includes the use of shorter SonicKeys for short clips, for example a TV or radio advert; or much longer SonicKeys enabling messages to be shared within a track for an audience or fan base. The fans can read messages with the SonicMobile App; this in turn can be customised.