SonicKey™ enables all audio in the world to be identifiable, referenceable and trackable. SonicKey can be easily integrated in to both software and hardware.

SonicData’s patented technology is an algorithm that adapts to any sound, identifying and understanding its frequency and harmony. This means that the SonicKey becomes part of the underlying sound of any music or content in which it is encoded. SonicKey is inaudible watermarking. It is fast and performant and through SonicData’s cloud based solutions can encode millions of songs in just a few hours.

Any music and sound is now uniquely identifiable with 100 percent accuracy to any version, stream, edit, cut, language, performance or distributed copy.

SonicData’s Mission is to enable, understand and track all the World’s audio content from creation to consumption. 

The SonicData technology and delivery solutions can enable rights holders to maximise their revenues for all content use. SonicKey can enable every play to be tracked and all use controlled.

SonicKey has a 100 percent effective detection rate across broadcast and streaming, social media, video sharing and in-venue use. 

While technology has revolutionised the distribution and consumption of music and other content, rights holders have been unable to accurately understand or control its use. The SonicData platform delivers accurate performance and playback identification by encoding a unique SonicKey in to a song, sound track, musical piece or any content with sound.

Each SonicKey is unique and can be encoded at any point in the music or content’s journey, including at the point of delivery. It is compatible with 80 file formats.

SonicKey will survive all format changes through the distribution channel.

SonicData will ensure that the technology will integrate with a customer’s systems and platforms.

SonicData’s mission is to provide solutions for all detection necessary within the music industry. SonicData is a detection technology company. Its solutions allow its users to utilise the technology which best suits their needs.

Use of the SonicKey encoding technology is free to rights holders. SonicData’s revenue is gained from the ability to read and monitor the SonicKeys. 

The SonicKey can be tested at