We know that watermarking music has significant benefits over fingerprinting. We also know that the accuracy of MetaData is a major issue for everyone in music.

If the Collection Agency and its associate agencies track and report only SonicKeys then the MetaData issue is eradicated. The only MetaData that needs to be accurate is controlled by the the principal Collection Agency.

An associate agency only need monitor the SonicKey. They monitor the SonicKeys as they are found; the Keys are logged automatically in real time in their reporting system, but at the same time they are also automatically logged directly by the principal.

Single Version of the Truth (SVOT) MetaData linked to 100 percent accurate global music reporting with SonicKey (watermarking).

SonicKeys are tracked and logged 24/7, ensuring both the Collection Agency and its network of associates have up-to-the-minute accurate tracking data of plays within any given territory.

By removing the need for reliance on inaccurate or untrusted MetaData, the Collection Agency can deliver 100 per cent accurate reporting to its members using its Single Version of the Truth (SVOT) resource against which all worldwide performances for its members can be reported accurately. By doing this, the Collection Agency can ensure all rights holders are paid correctly.

The Collection Agency will also be able to deliver a data feed directly to the label and or the artist. With a real-time stream of SonicKeys, the Collection Agency can deliver a completely modernised reporting system for all its members, including the automatic creation of anticipated distribution statements based on the real-time streamed data.

Associate Collection Agencies need not have sight or access to the MetaData.

The use of an accurate tracking and reporting technology and the automatic verification of third-party reporting and cash collection could deliver additional commercial options and flexibility to the Collection Agency with all partners, stakeholders and members.

The SonicKey enables associate collection agencies to accurately demonstrate to the principal that the number of SonicKey detections is reported accurately. A Collection Agency that engages with new technology can deliver a faster, accurate service more cost-effectively.

An artist or rights holder that works with a Collection Agency that uses the SonicKey technology will be paid accurately in every territory. For transparency, the PRO, CMO, label, publisher, rights holder and artist can all access the SonicKey record in realtime. It builds trust, it delivers confidence, 100 percent accurate reporting and the use of Single Version of the Truth MetaData.

Matching SonicKeys automatically against the SVOT MetaData record ensures that the Collection Agency achieves cost benefits in reporting and accounting as administration costs are reduced. Performances are verifiably accurate. It adds value to the Collection Agency’s members and ensures performances are linked to accurate MetaData.